Cheap Used Tires For Sale Long Island

When it comes to new tires the can be costly and sometime can get ruined by nails and other objects. When it comes to used tires for sale the are cheap enough and have 75 % life and sometimes 90-95 percent of their life left depending on where we get them from.

When it comes to used tires for sale on Long Island you don’t want to pay a lot but want to get a great working tire to get you by for the time being until you by new ones or more used tires for sale from Lopez Used Parts Westbury.

Need rims for those tires to sit on we have the at Lopez Auto Salvage on Long Island. Call Hugo Lopez at 516-640-5990 or his cell phone number is 347-861-8236 he on it. You call him and he will do his very best to help you get it done not matter if your doing it your self or using Lopez Auto Repairs Hugo and his team has you covered.

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