Used Ac Compressors For Sale In Westbury Long Island.

Used Auto AC’s For Sale

Its about to be hotter than it normally is due to Covid -19 and having to wear a mask the last thing you need is a broken AC unit while having that attached to your face. So with that said now is the best time to get moving or Cars AC compressor repairs and your AC is priority number one if you car already has good working brakes and safety equipment and runs well.

At Lopez Used Parts In Westbury we are currently not performing auto repair or AC Repair work at this time, however we are selling used AC compressors in Westbury for all makes of cars, trucks and SUV’s

So if your AC compressor is broken and you have someone to install it. We offer AC Compressor installation however at this time due to Covid -19 also known as Corona Virus we had to close the shop for a little while until we can reopen again. In the mean while you can call us or contact us for more information about purchasing Used AC Compressors or any other used parts needed during this rough time to keep you moving in comfort.

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